What’s Triggr?

We want the Internet to simplify your life!

Who never struggled to find a last minute terrace table at a restaurant; a handycraft man who is available asap or a caterer who can respond timely to your specific needs?

You would normally search the Internet for professionals and pass so many phone calls (or send e-mails) until you eventually find one who can help your urgent need.

What a waste of time... Not speaking about the frustration.

Our vision

Our vision is to use the information we have about thousands of professionals to make your quest for the one who can help you out so simple as sugar cookies.

How? Simply by sending your request to targeted professionals in your vicinity and allowing you to very easily manage their responses.

Free of charge. Through a sexy platform. On the web and on your mobile phone.

And this is how it works

Whatever you’re looking for, Triggr informs you what professionals can respond to your need:

  1. Select the type of supplier you are looking for (i.e. restaurant, plumber, dentist…)
  2. Describe your need very briefly and add a deadline
  3. Get the answers from the suppliers by e-mail and in your Triggr dashboard
  4. Organise your projects and retain the supplier of your choice.

Thanks to your intuitive dashboard, you can manage your requests, classify and compare them, add your comments and effectively decide who you want to work with.

Once your choice is made, all the suppliers are automatically informed.

Still not convinced?

Here are some examples of how Triggr can help you…

  • to fill an urgent need:

    • You are desperately looking for a table for 10 in an Italian restaurant for tonight
    • Your roof is leaking and you need a slater, really quick !
    • You leave on your lifetime holiday really soon but want an alarm system to be installed before your departure.
  • to win valuable time (or avoid losing it):

    • You want your bathroom redone within 3 months and are tired of calling plumbers just to be told they are fully booked and cannot respect your time schedule
    • You are looking for this special caterer who can fulfill all your expectations for your big private or corporate event, but who can possibly do it?
  • to better manage your personal and professional projects:

    • You want to effectively manage and compare these catering offers for your upcoming big event.

But who are we anyway?

Triggr is an innovative relation builder developed by Linc SA (go ahead, check us out on www.linc.lu).

Our probably most well-known platform is yellow.lu, the Luxembourg 100% digital yellow pages. With a reputation for being innovative, methodical and reliable, we have been trusted by over 3.000 companies for over 8 years.

In fact, it’s while working on improving yellow.lu that we came up with the idea of Triggr, a 100% user-centered application, allowing you to simultaneously communicate with a bunch of locally targeted professionals.

Because our philosophy is entirely user-orientated (yes, we actually listen to you), Triggr will continuously evolve, adapting to your needs and expectations.

We really hope you'll enjoy using our service and, please, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. It will be very useful for us to keep improving.